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    Creative Commons 2021 State of the Commons Annual Report

    Celebrating 20 Years, Lighting Up The Global Commons

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    For all artists - CC Open Culture Remix Art Contest 2022


    Submission deadline: April 30, 2022

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    Introducing the Drug Icon CC Project

    Creativity for Public Health Interests

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    Open COVID Pledge

    Removing Obstacles to Sharing IP in the Fight Against COVID-19

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    Join CC Slack Group for Real-time Consultations and Discussions

    COVID-19 may make our time hard so please join the global community to collaborate via Slack that CC experts and fans are all in.

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    New Public Domain Data and Translations

    Updates from the CC Network

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    Creative Commons Hong Kong | 香港共享創意

    Creative Commons Hong Kong (CCHK) works with Creative Commons Global to localise and promote the use of Creative Commons licenses in Hong Kong.


    香港共享創意(CCHK)與 Creative Commons Global攜手打造和推廣香港適用的共享創意授權條款。

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    Creative Commons Global

    Creative Commons (CC) is an international system of intellectual property rights management through which creators who choose to do so can change their copyright terms from “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved.”



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    Global CCers have grown the CC Global Summit every year as hundreds of leading activists,...
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  • What is CC? Learn about 20 Years of CC Licenses

    We are a Creative Commons Chapter, a Committed Group with Global Horizon for Incentivizing Creativity and Innovation of Hong Kong and even beyond.

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