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Creative Commons as a Diversity and Reflection

CCHK Members attended Creative Commons Global Summit 2019

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In May 2019, our CCHK members, Dr. Haggen So and Mr. Kin Ko attended Creative Commons Global Summit 2019 in Lisbon. They described the "long" journey as a right decision to "promote cooperation and create win-win situations in a world where many in power prefer winners take all". We love the wording by Kin, that is, "Many countries have been extremely uncivilised and have harmed other countries, other ethnic groups, and even their own people. European countries have chosen to face history, mourn the dead, make up for mistakes, and avoid repeating the same. Only in this way, instead of tampering, denying or blocking the black history, can the nation, the country and the people really let go of the past and move forward."

As a keynote speaker in the session of open business models, Dr. Haggen So gave the attendees a public speech on "Making Money is Important! Open Business Models as an Integrated Part of Creative Commons Movement". Dr. Haggen graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and he is also the president of the Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association and the local lead of Creative Commons Hong Kong. He is a visiting lecturer of the Hong Kong Community College and previously taught in Hong Kong Baptist University as lecturer in the department of Computer Science. Dr. Haggen So also has experiences in commercial software development and developed software products for renowned companies such as Kodak.

If you would like to know more about Creative Commons Global Summit 2019, please see the reflections by Haggen So and Kin Ko as bellow:

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Sebastiaan ter Burg 2019, Creative Commons Global Summit 2019, , CC-BY 2.0