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Register for the 2021 CC Global Summit

Join our Showcase of Hong Kong-based CC Project - Drug Icon CC and the Global Hack4OpenGLAM Event.

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Global CCers have grown the CC Global Summit every year as hundreds of leading activists, advocates, librarians, educators, lawyers, technologists, and more have joined us for discussion and debate, workshops and planning, talks and community building.



See the Full Program: 
Register for the 2021 CC Global Summit: 
We are also proud to announce that 

Drug Icon CC 藥物圖標 , a HK-based CC Project is accepted to present in Creative Commons Global Summit. Congratulations!

Please support and share, the schedule will be - 
Date: Thursday, September 23
Time: 8:30-8:45. UTC, 16:40-16:45 HKT

You may also feel interested in the Hack4OpenGLAM to take place 20–24 September during the CC Global Summit. The event brings together content communities, GLAM professionals, advocates of open cultural heritage, digital creators, and tools or platform developers – from newcomers to experts – to learn, work, and create with one another. 

The organizer suggest following these three easy steps to join:

- See the already registered projects and participants on the Hack4OpenGLAM Dashboard and register yourself and your project idea. Registration is free and open throughout the event.

- They have just published Newsletter #3 featuring a batch of project proposals and other news, subscribe to receive it and the next ones!

- Join them also in the weekly meetups on Thursdays at 1pm, where we present the event and proje

Best Regards,
CCHK Management Team