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    You can find here the resources for the purpose of teaching and facilitating Creative Commons.

    20 Years of CC Licenses

    In this video, Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig shares a message honoring 20 years of open sharing using CC licenses. Please watch the video here.

    Prof. Lawrence Lessig Explains Creative Commons Licensing

    Lessig on "Aaron's Laws - Law and Justice in a Digital Age"

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    Hack4OpenGLAM is a co-creation event for working towards Open Access to cultural heritage. The event brings together content communities, GLAM professionals, advocates of open cultural heritage, digital creators, and tools or platform developers – from newcomers to experts – to learn, work, and create with one another. It is part of the Creative Commons Global Summit 20–24 September 2021.

    Please find more here. You can also access the Hack4OpenGLAM Dashboard and subscribe to receive its newsletters.

    The Game is On! is a highly creative, educational resource that introduces students to UK copyright law. Designed for pupils aged 11-18, it enables the development of core thinking skills as well as teaching activities across a range of subjects, including English Language and Literacy, Media, Art and Law.

    Find more here.

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    Open Culture VOICES.

    See the ongoing series here.

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    It is called Drug Icon CC. Drug labels used currently are hard to read because there are too many words and words are too small. We hope that through designing drug icons, people can know more about drug labels and take their medicine on time.

    Find more about the Drug Icon CC Project here.

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    Dr. Haggen So on "Making Money is Important! Open Business Models as an Integrated Part of Creative Commons Movement"

    Please find the slides here.