• About Us 關於我們



    Legal Leads 法律小組主持人

    Dr. Yahong Li, Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong

    Ms. Alice Lee , Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong


    香港大學法律學院 李亞虹 副教授

    香港大學法律學院 李雪菁 副教授

    Founding Executive Committee 籌備委員會

    • Peter Ma (Programe Officer – CCHK Launch)
    • Ben Cheng (Community Coordinator)
    • Oiwan Lam, InMedia Hong Kong and Global Voices Northeast Asia Editor
    • Chitat Chan, Assistant Project Manager (Curriculum Development), Centre for Research in Interdisciplinary and Liberal Studies, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
    • Charles Mok, Legislative Council Member (Information Technology)
    • Jack Qiu, Assistant Professor of the School of Journalism & Communication, the Chinese University of Hong Kong
    • 馬景文先生(項目主任),開放式課程計劃編輯

    • 鄭斌彬先生 (社區聯絡),Oursky 創辦人

    • 林藹雲女士,香港獨立媒體編輯、全球之聲東亞編輯

    • 陳智達博士,香港教育學院跨學科及通識教育研究中心,助理項目經理(課程發展)

    • 莫乃光,香港立法會議員(資訊科技界)

    • 邱林川,香港中文大學新聞與傳播學院助理教授


    Many other community members deserve credit for helping with the launch. They include

    • Ryanne Lai

    • Sam Hau

    • Hei Ching Chan

    • Rob Rogoyski

    • Jerry Hua

    • Jeromy-Yu Chan

    • Haggen So

    • Benjamin Zhou