• About Us | 關於我們

    Global Network Council Representative | 全球總部理事會代表

    Dr. Yahong Li, Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong

    香港大學法律學院 李亞虹 副教授

    Hong Kong Chapter Lead | 香港分部主理主持人

    Dr. Haggen So, President, Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association

    香港創意開放科技協會 (HKCOTA) 蘇孝恆 博士

    Hong Kong Chapter Legal Lead | 香港分部法律主持人

    Dr. Jyh-An Lee, Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    香港中文大學法律學院 李治安 教授

    Hong Kong Chapter Technical Lead | 香港分部技術主持人

    Mr. Ben Cheng, Co-Founder, Oursky Limited

    Oursky聯合創始人 鄭斌彬 先生

    Acknowledgement of Contribution | 特別鳴謝

    Many people have voluntarily contributed to the preparation, launch, and operation of the CCHK since 2008 when the project was first launched in Hong Kong. The project would not exist without their contributions in various ways.


    Special thanks go to Professor Ying Chan (former co-Public Lead); Ms. Alice Lee (former co-Legal Lead); and Mr. Pindar Wong (former co-Public Lead) for taking up the leadership and serving the CCHK from October 2008 to October 2018.


    The following Community members had assisted and participated in the preparation and launch of CCHK: Chitat Chan, Hei Ching Chan, Jeromy-Yu Chan, Sam Hau, Jerry Hua, Ryanne Lai, Oiwan Lam, Peter Ma, Rebecca MacKinnon, Charles Mok, Jack Qiu, Rob Rogoyski, Benjamin Zhou.

    Join Us | 加入我們

    CCHK is supported by Law and Technology Centre of Faculty of Law, the University of Hong Kong as an Institutional Member of CC Global Network. The followings are the current registered individual members and unregistered local contributors of CCHK. You are welcomed to join us. Just participate in our Events, subscribe to our Mailing List, like our Facebook Page, and follow us @CCHK on Twitter.


    Individual Members and Contributors:

    Dr. Yahong Li
    Dr. Haggen So
    Dr. Jyh-An Lee

    Mr. Ben Cheng
    Prof. Yuen-Ying Chan

    Ms. Celine Dee

    Mr. Wei Wang
    Ms. Yangzi Li
    Ms. Daisy Fung
    Mr. Henry Law
    Mr. Karen Manukyan
    Ms. Zhaoxia Deng
    Mr. Shu Hung Yeung
    Mr. Wah Pau

    Mr. Kin Ko

    Instructions on how to JOIN Creative Commons | 加入全球共享創意

    In accordance with Creative Commons Global Headquarters, you can join the Global Network if you have substantially contributed to the development of Creative Commons regionally or globally. You have two ways to interact with Creative Commons:


    1) Registered Network Members (including Institutional and Individual Members), and

    2) Unregistered Local Contributors.

    Administrative Officer | 協調助理

    Mr. Wei Wang, Ph.D. Student, The University of Hong Kong

    香港大學法律學院 王偉 先生


    Should you have any general inquiries or advice about Creative Commons Hong Kong Chapter, please email us at creativecommons.hongkong@gmail.com The email address is also maintained as an inbox for any requests on subscribing to CCHK Mailing List.